Easy Ways To Bypass Google Family Link Without Anyone Knowing (2023)

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Parental control apps like Google Family Link are very helpful. They ensure Internet safety for the whole family and protect young people from cyberbullying. In addition, parents can monitor their children's online activities and take immediate action if they find anything suspicious or potentially harmful on their children's phones.

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However, parents cannot monitor their children's phones all their lives. There is an age limit set by Google. When teens are over 13, they are given the power to bypass parental controls and disable Family Link on their phones.

Below are quick and easy ways to bypass Family Link and stop account monitoring.

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01 Part 1: How to hack Family Link to download apps?

02 Part 2: How to turn off Family Link to get unlimited screen time?Easy Ways To Bypass Google Family Link Without Anyone Knowing (2)

03 Part 3: Bypass Google Family Link with Google Play

04 Part 4: Why do kids need to reduce screen time?

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04 Part 5: How to limit kids' screen time remotely and effectively?Easy Ways To Bypass Google Family Link Without Anyone Knowing (3)

Part 1: How to hack Family Link to download apps?

Are you unable to freely use your phone due to strict parental controls of Google Family Link app? Don't worry, here is a quick solution to your problem that will help you hack Family Link to download any app on your phone. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open phone settings

To get started, go to your phone's Settings, scroll down and tap Accessibility.

Step 2: Configure Dexterity and Interaction

In the accessibility settings, click Interaction and Dexterity. This is where you'll find the Assistant menu, which refers to an easily accessible set of buttons that allow users to override common gestures, hardware buttons, and other touch interactions. Switch the Assistant menu switch to the ON position. A new button, the system menu, would appear on your phone's screen. You can add or remove desired options on this button as needed. This button would persist even if you switch to the home screen.

Step 3: Bypass the Family Link

Once you exceed the maximum usage limit set by the Google Family Link app, your phone will automatically lock and you will not be able to use it unless parental controls are turned off. However, since you configured the skill and interaction option, the system menu will still appear on the home screen. Tap this button and select Recent. All the apps you were previously using before the phone was locked will become accessible.

When you watch videos on YouTube, you can find the latest open video in an instant and even search for more videos online. This way you can use any app, including TikTok and Facebook, even if your phone has been blocked by Google Family Link. You can even search anything on Google and open any website freely.

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Try FamiSafe for free and monitor phone usage.

Part 2: How to turn off Family Link to get unlimited screen time?

Ignoring Family Link screen time is as easy as ABC. You can use either of the following two methods to bypass Screen Time restrictions and use your phone as long as you want without usage limits. However, these two methods are only for Samsung, the steps for other devices may be slightly different.

Method 1:Use a safe paste

Follow these steps to bypass Google Family Link screen time limit on Samsung:

  • 1. Open the settings of your Samsung device
  • 2. Tap Lock screen & security and Secure folder. This is a place where you can keep your private data and store various files including videos, photos and documents etc. The best thing about Secure Folder is that it is protected by a Samsung Knox defensible security platform. So you don't have to worry about your privacy.
  • 3. Tap Settings to create a secure folder and enter your password to protect it. Remember this secret password for future use.
  • 4. Now navigate to the home screen and search for "Secure" or "Secure Folder".
  • 5. Open the secure folder and click + to add your private files, apps and data to this folder.
  • 6. Google Family Link cannot view or restrict apps or files stored in the secure folder. So you can use apps stored in a secure folder for as long as possible without worrying about screen time.

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Method 2:Samsung DeX

Samsung DeX is a platform that allows users to extend their Samsung smartphones to an external display for a desktop-like experience. The best thing about Samsung DeX is that it cannot be blocked by the Family Link app. Here's how to bypass Family Link screen time with Samsung DeX:

  • 1. Go to the lock screen of your Samsung device.
  • 2. Swipe down and left from the top to see more options
  • 3. Open Samsung DeX
  • 4. Tap on the keyboard icon in the lower left corner. It displays all apps installed on your smartphone.
  • 5. Click on any app and use your phone as long as you want.

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Part 3: Bypass Google Family Link with Google Play

Are you trying to bypass Google Family Link but you can't because you don't have the parental controls PIN? Follow these steps to bypass Family Link and stop account supervision without a password:

1. On your Android phone, open the Google Play Store app

2. In the top right corner, click the menu icon that contains three stacked lines. This will open your Google account associated with that device

3. Tap Settings in the menu, scroll down and click Parental Controls

4. Here you can enable and disable parental controls for each category, e.g. B. Movies, Apps & Games, TV, Music & Books, etc. PIN. It stops all kinds of parental controls and allows you to download and install any apps or games on your phone without limitation.

5. Don't worry if you don't have the parental control PIN. You can also bypass Family Link without a PIN by clearing Google Play Store data. This step will clear parental control settings and all search history without deleting downloads.

6. To do this, go to your phone's settings and click on Apps or Apps and notifications

7. Select Google Play Store from the list of apps installed on your phone

8. Click Storage and tap Clear data. Now enter the new parental control PIN and disable account monitoring

9. Finally, uninstall Google Family Link app and use your phone freely

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Part 4: Why do kids need to reduce screen time?

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic is having a profound impact on our daily lives. Children, in particular, have been hit hardest by this global health crisis as governments around the world have imposed strict lockdowns and similar restrictions to halt transmission of the virus. So schools had no choice but to move to hybrid and teleworking models, making smartphones a necessity rather than a choice.

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As the world moves into the post-pandemic era, our routines are also beginning to change. However, smartphones and technology have now become our permanent partners because everything is being digitized. While digital transformation is driving a rapid recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is also negatively impacting children's schedules. Excessive use of digital devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets deteriorates children's mental and physical health and leads to various mental disorders. Increased screen time is harmful because:

1. Screens are addictive and encourage kids to waste their precious time;

2. Screens are bad for health and lead to macular degeneration;

3. Screens kill creativity and imagination by recreating physical objects and outdoor games;

4. Screens overstimulate and distract schoolchildren in class; It is

5. Screens isolate children from their friends and family.

It has therefore become imperative to limit children's electronic use and reduce their screen time. So what's the solution?

Try FamiSafe for free and set a screen time limit.

Bonus: Use FamiSafe to remotely and effectively limit kids' screen time.

Parental control apps play a key role in curbing excessive use of digital devices and limiting screen time for children. Parents can remotely monitor their children's online activities and easily access their call history, read their messages and check their browsing history.

Although several parental control apps are available online,FamiSafe is the most reliable and effective. It covers everything parents need to secretly monitor their kids' phones and protect them from cyberbullying.

FamiSafe screen time limit feature

With this feature, you can monitor how much time your kids spend online and on which specific apps. You can configure it to monitor this by day, week or month and know whether to allow or block your devices. This means your kids can only use an app for the number of hours you allocate for them. But if your child is sticking to the set rules, give them a pat on the back by rewarding their daily screen time.

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Easy Ways To Bypass Google Family Link Without Anyone Knowing (9)

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Google Family Link is a parental control app that parents can use to monitor their children's accounts and protect them from online scammers. This advanced account monitoring tool is very helpful and ensures internet security. However, there are some limitations as kids can bypass this app and disable parental controls without password.

However, if you want advanced parental monitoring, try FamiSafe, a cutting-edge account monitoring app with advanced features. Unlike Google Family Link, FamiSafe cannot be hacked or bypassed under any circumstances. Rather, it is very effective in secretly monitoring kids' phones and protecting teenagers from online risks like cyberbullying.

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